Workshops, Special Events and YACE

(This is not a list of our regularly scheduled classes. For information about our basic class offerings and basic pricing see the Schedule and Pricing Page.)

Continuing Education:  Former teacher trainers and RYT's...  You've been asking for it and now you've got it!  Open Way Yoga is up and running with Yoga Alliance's new continuing education system.  It's gotten much easier to understand what qualifies as continuing ed. with their new structure.  Depending on the teacher and content, we have several options available for continuing education.  All you need to look for is the following YACEP designation in the workshop description:

Yoga in Your Anatomy
with Sandy Gross

Date and Time:  February 23rd, 1:00 - 4:00 PM

Sandy was one of Shannon's first yoga teachers and we are thrilled to bring her anatomy expertise to Open Way Yoga.

Cost:  $109 (Early registration disount before Feb 7th)
Location:  Huron Studio (607 Main St.  3rd Floor)
YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider)  RYT's attending this workshop will receive 3 hours of continuing education credit with Yoga Alliance.

Beginner's Yoga Workshop
with Keelie Webb

Pre-registration Required
Date and Time:  February 9th,  1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Cost:  $30 (Early registration discount $25 before February 2nd)

The Pelvic Floor and the Heart Connection
with Shannon Thomas

Pre-registration Required
Date and Time:  Saturday, March 9th 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

No previous yoga experience necessary!
Women only!

Cost: $30 (Early Registration Discount $25 if registered before March 2nd) 
YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider)  RYT's attending this workshop will receive 2 hours of continuing education credit with Yoga Alliance.

These workshops do not have official dates, but stay tuned... they will be scheduled throughout the winter and spring!

Deep Stretch:  Yin Yoga Workshop 
with Shannon Thomas 

Pre-registration Required
Date and Time:  Saturday, January 12th,  10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Open up to yin...  Whether you are looking for a way to calm your mind or looking for deep physical relaxation, yin is for you!

Yin yoga is a series of simple poses held in a relaxed way for a long time.  The long holds create a deep stretch leaving you feeling like you are walking on clouds.  Suitable for any level - wherever you are in your personal practice, yin will meet you there!

Cost:  $30 (Early registration discount $25 before January 5th)
YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider)  RYT's attending this workshop will receive 1.5 hours of continuing education credit with Yoga Alliance.

Flow and Glow Yoga
 at Halo Live

Date and Time:  

Step into the darkness and shine your inner light!  Have a drink (byob), let loose under the black light and adorn yourself with glow paints and glow toys.  Mallory Saunders of Open Way Yoga will lead a one hour, dynamic, all-levels yoga flow experience followed by open movement.  Come together as a community for some free movement to high vibrational music in a non-judmental atmosphere!

Glow sticks and glow friendly, eco-conscious t-shirts will be available for purchase at the event.

Cost:  $25

This event will take place at Halo Live at 805 Wayne Street, Sandusky!

Student Athlete Workshop
with Cynthia Brown

This workshop will have long lasting benefits to the mind and body of any student athlete.  Whether yoga has already been a part of your athlete experience, or something you’ve wanted to try, this workshop is for you!

Cynthia Brown Mathews, RYT-200, has been an instructor with the Huron High School Cross Country and Track teams for three years, leading student athletes through a program that not only increases strength and flexibility, but has notably reduced injuries. Her classes focus on the areas of repetitive motion – hips, core, shoulders and knees.  Importantly for young adults, classes in this program will have a restorative and relaxing component at the end of every class, along with narrative to reduce stress.

Participants can expect to have better focus, and less pain, throughout their season. 

Dates and Time:  
Cost:  $40 for all 5 sessions or $13 drop in


Nature Knows Yoga Night Out
with Shannon Thomas and Conie Yarab (of Nature Knows in Norwalk, OH)

What can plants teach us about yoga and breath?  Join Shannon Thomas of OWY and Connie Yarab of Nature Knows of Norwalk and find out!  The evening will start with Shannon leading an 1 hour and 15 minute yoga practice, during this all levels class (new to yoga welcome!) she will share some of the yogic inspirations that come through spending time with and meditating on plants in nature. Following yoga, Connie will guide us in crafting our own herbal preparations (to take home) specific for supporting the health of the lungs and respiratory system during the spring allergy season.


Shannon is co-owner of OWY and brings to her yoga teaching a deep love of plants and immersive wilderness experience.  Shannon lived semi-primitively and successfully completed the 21 day wilderness challenge of Naked and Afraid.  

Connie is a Certified Aromatherapist at Nature Knows in Norwalk, OH and is a graduate of Natural Options Aromatherapy. She is currently enrolled in the New York Institute for Aromatic Studies focusing on Botanical Body Care Products. She creates custom blends for customers and loves teaching others how simple it is to make products at home.

Herbal concoctions to take home:

  • Breath inhaler with laurel leaf and tea tree 
  • Chest rub with spike lavender, eucalyptus and frankincense

Pre-registration required 
Date and Time:  
Cost:  $40 ($35 early registration discount )

Restorative Yoga
with Gemma Shimpeno

Pre-registration required 
(This workshop has very limited space and tends to sell out)
Date and Time:  

Restorative Yoga is a deeply relaxing style, unique in that it uses props to support the body in poses for a period of time.  This creates a state of deep relaxation that quiets the mind, bringing awareness into the body and releasing the deep holding patterns that create pain and tension.   All levels and abilities can do restorative yoga!

  • Reduces and releases the effects of stress
  • Promotes inner peace and tranquility
  • Improves memory and mental clarity
  • Alleviates discomforts associated with women's issues 
  • Supports the immune system and recovery from illness or injury
  • Soothes the nervous system
  • Gives you more energy
  • Improves sleep

Cost:  $35 ($30 early registration discount )

Balance:  Wellness Workshop
with Shannon Thomas 

Pre-registration Required. 

Dates and Time:  Coming again 2018!  Exact dates TBD

Are you committed to moving your health to the next level? 
Nourish yourself - body, mind, spirit - and manifest vitality with this 6 session wellness series.

Each of the 6 weekly meetings will focus on a different whole health related theme:  Nutrition, Physical Activity, Clean Living, Relationships, Spirituality and Creativity.  Sessions will begin with a 30 minute guided yoga practice, followed by a presentation and conversation related to the theme of the week.  Workshop participants will receive printed handouts of the practice as well as materials relating to each week’s topic.

Do you want to:

  • Replenish and nourish yourself
  • Feel confident in your health and life choices
  • Feel strong and grounded in your daily life
  • Gain greater clarity around your life’s ultimate purpose
  • Develop healthy habits and a regular routine
  • Come to know and understand the full potential of your mind and it’s impact on the way you feel

Join me and recharge, find the inspiration to seek your greatest health potential!

Sign up today.  We are limiting numbers in this workshop to create space for an intimate, meaningful conversation.  

Cost:  $300 
YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider)  RYT's attending this workshop will receive 12 hours of continuing education credit with Yoga Alliance.

Meditation Workshop
with Brian Henderson

Pre-registration required
Date and Time: TBD

This workshop will introduce an interesting variety of mediation practices and exercises aimed at giving participants the tools to begin their own personal meditation practice. 

 Brian brings a unique flavor and fun approach to this topic, not all of it will be what you typically think of as meditation.  Beginners will get a feel for the meditation experience.  Experienced meditators will enjoy a fresh perspective and gain techniques to add to their existing practice.  We will explore forms that are breath-based, seated, standing, moving and still.  No experience necessary. 

Cost:  $25 (early registration discount $20)

Beginner's Yoga Series
with Brian Henderson

Pre-registration required
Date and Time:  TBD

Have you been wanting to try yoga, but are too intimidated to come to a regular class?  This is the class for you.  Brian will answer all your yoga questions and help you to build a foundation of basic poses to you get started.  You’ll leave feeling embodied, empowered, energized and eager to return! 

Cost:  $40 (Early registration dicount price $35)  

Chakra Workshop
with Shannon Thomas

Pre-registration Required
Date and Time:  TBD

Details coming soon.

Cost:  $30 (Early Registration Discount price $25 )   
YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider)  RYT's attending this workshop will receive 2 hours of continuing education credit with Yoga Alliance.

Parent- Child Playtime Yoga
with Liz Kelley

Time: TBD


Cost:  $60 per 6 week session or $90 for both sessions
          add a sibling for half price

These workshops are offered periodically.

Breath Work:  Pranayama Workshop
with Brian Henderson

Pre-registration required 
Date and Time:  Sunday October 29, 10:30 AM - 12:30PM

Breath is what gives us life.  Pranayama breathing practices can create optimal health and feelings of well being.  The breath is affects to the nervous system, we can use pranayama to calm and restore our nervous system.  All of the other functions and systems of the body (digestion, assimilation, circulation, etc.) benefit as a result of the nervous system being calmed, and thus pranayama has positive effects on our entire being.

 There is a fine line between pranayama and meditation and Brian has been known to cross that line. In this workshop we will explore some foundational yogic breathing exercises.  You will leave with a beginning practice you can start at home.  No yoga experience is necessary, although we will do a bit of light stretching and moving.

Cost:  $30 (Early registration dicount price $25 before October 22) 

Yogi Tales:  Movement and Myth
With Liz Kelley


Pre-registration recommended 
Date and TIme:  TBD

Yoga Night Out

Join us for a fun night out!  Yogi’s take a break from emphasis on alignment and form with an organic practice woven together with the tale of Mumal and Mahendra, an ancient tragic love story.   Liz will offer yoga poses that work for all levels, so this is a great opportunity for beginners and those new to yoga to try yoga in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Mumal and Mahendra is a PG-13 type story with some racy themes, so adults only, please. Older children welcome at parents discretion. 

6:00 - 7:15 PM  Myth and Movement Yoga
7:15 - 8:00 PM  BYOB Social Time
BYOB  (Bring your own bottle)


Auyervedic Cleanse
with Jennifer Taylor

Pre-registration required 

Cost:  Cleanse - $185
          On-line cleanse - $75 (non-local participants only)
          Add-on massage - $40



Date and Times:   


Partner Yoga Workshop

Pre-registration required
Stay tuned.  We will schedule soon!

Partner yoga is a great way to deepen your postures and relationships.  

Create a state of openness that builds compassionate connections all while having some yoga fun!  Partner yoga inspires a deeper understanding of trust.  Come experience true support with hands on adjustments, synchronized breathing and conscious movement.

No previous yoga experience is necessary, bring a friend, loved one, sibling, neighbor or your gym buddy! 

Cost:  $25 per pair (Early registration discount $20)

Winter Solstice Sound Immersion
with Sharon Lichtcsien

Date and Time: 

Enjoy a gentle meditation in motion and then sink into the healing sounds of crystal bowls, gongs and koshi bells for a vibrational stress release that will start the holiday season off right.
Optional Items to Bring - Yoga Mat/Eye Mask 
Arrive 15 minutes prior to the session

Cost:  $18
Location:  Huron Studio (607 Main St.  3rd Floor)