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  • Featured Practice of the Month: Pigeon Pose

    New OWY teacher Nikki Schafer demonstrates moderate and advanced variations of pigeon pose!  You may have met Nikki as a sub over the past year.  We are very excited to announce that this fall she is joining our team of regular teachers.  She will be alternating Saturdays mornings in Norwalk with Brian and Andrea - Yoga Flow at 9:30 AM.  Check MindBody Online to see who is teaching each week.  Nikki is up this Saturday, September 14th!

    The poses that Nikki is demonstrating here are variations of King Pigeon, advanced back-bending variations  of pigeon that strengthen the back and open the front of the body as well as the hips.

     Externally rotated front leg and extened back leg create a deep hip opening pose.

    Different teachers have been and will continue to feature this pose throughout the month of September as we explore the theme Grounding.  Come to class and learn a variation of this hip opener that will work for you!