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  • OWY Limitless Project: Kara Myers

    Welcome Kara Myers to OWY's Limitless Project!  Kara's contribution explores visual representations of verbal communication and fragmentation in a display of limitless expression and reflection.  Kara contributed more art than any of our artists so far, so I broke it into two loosely defined groups.  

    One of the primary theme's in the first group of Kara's work (The Voice Series) is self-expression.  Even the best of communication is limited by the form of communication itself, and this selection of pieces isn't about the "best of communication", it's about the most difficult.  To me it captures the choking weight of that which cannot be spoken or expressed verbally.  Words don't capture everything and images say some things that language cannot.  Kara captures the feeling of verbal expression being limited, cyclical and occasionally poisonous in her art.  I like the juxtaposition of the limits of verbal expression shown up against the unlimited power of witnessing.  

    After the images that primarily reflect voice, a second group (The Purple Series), held together by their purple backgrounds, takes a look at fragmentation and compartmentalization.  The images are mostly dark, they capture parts of the struggle or the journey that we hope will lead us to wholeness, though there are no guarantees.  The moment or feeling captured in many of these images feels like moments in time or mind that were severely limited, then freed in the process of creating the art.          
    -Shannon Leigh


    Kara's thoughts on her art: I caught the art bug long ago and much like my yoga life, I had a little something and managed to have some of the best teachers guide me in my craft. For me art has always been having the ability to remove the yuck from inside and throw it on a "canvas." My art has really been mostly guided by trying to heal the things I needed to at times when I had no idea how to even process or form sentences about the things. Blank, stark white canvases give me anxiety, so I love to utilize scrap paper, card board, whatever to throw my feelings on. Art, much like yoga, allowed me to take my trauma give it some space to breathe without judgement and allowed room for healing. Both my expressions of art and yoga really allow me to break through my own confines and find little bits of moment where I feel completely free. Limitless.

    *R.I.P. Chorba. Without you're teaching, I would not have had one of the only coping mechanisms that got me through some of the worst things in life. Gratitude, always.

    The Voice Series: Contemplating Self-Expression

    The Purple Series:  Contemplating fragmentationFinal piece  Self Portrait in Marker.  Because so much of Kara's art can be dark, she offered this piece for a bit of light-hearted fun.

    Kara teaches at our Sandusky and Norwalk Studios. 

    9:00 - 10:15 AM  Sculpt Yoga - Norwalk
    4:30 - 5:45 PM  Yoga Flow - Sandusky
    9:30 - 10:30 AM  Yoga Flow - Sandusky
    7:30 - 8:45 AM  Yoga Flow - Sanduksy

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