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  • OWY Statement of Inclusivity

    As a part of our community-focused theme this month we are also updating the About Page of our webite to reflect our beliefs about inclusivity.  The inclusivity statement that follows is a direct statement of welcome to all people interested in yoga.  As we continue to grow we want the ideals and values of inclusivity to be foremost in our minds and reflected in the way we do business.  Please reach out to me directly (shannonlthomas@mac.com) if you have questions, comments or ideas. When Brian and I founded Open Way Yoga, our intention was to create a gathering place for people interested in yoga, mindful movement, holistic health, and the arts.  Community was at the heart of our vision.  

    Our studio’s mission is to create an affirming community passionate about using the traditions, evolution, and philosophy of yoga as tools for growth and self-healing.  

    Our goal is to bring all kinds of people together to practice as a group, to deepen individual yoga practices, and to create shared authentic experiences that inspire each student to discover personal paths to well-being.

    These intentions are still true today, and we’ve grown into an incredible community.  We are so thankful for our teachers and the many yoga students who make OWY such an welcoming place.  As we celebrate our 5-year anniversary, we’d like to expand that original vision to make a specific statement about community inclusivity.  Our Mission and Goals are listed on the first page of our website, and from now on, this statement of inclusivity will be included on this page as well. 

    We’re open to all at Open Way…

    Diverse communities are the key to healing individuals and the world. We are working to create an environment where all people can come together for shared, authentic experiences.  Currently, our studios (along with the greater national yoga community) lack diversity.  We acknowledge this and are passionate about evolving into a community that represents and affirms all.  We welcome people of any age, race, ethnicity, body type, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, ability, socioeconomic status, religious or political affiliation.  At Open Way, we’re committed to holding the space for ALL people to discover their own personal paths of self-healing.

    This inclusivity statement is just the beginning. We are working to promote values and implement programs that reflect this commitment.  Stay tuned…