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  • Practice: Write Your Own Vulnerability List

    You've been reading our lists... You've identified some of yourself in our lists... You've been thinking about what vulnerabilities you have that you would NEVER admit to.  It's time.  Just do it.  Sit down and write your own list.  This is a process of externalizing things that you maybe thought you'd never let ot of that dark little cave inside.  By letting our insecurities, vulnerabilities and feelings of inadequacy out into the light, we dissolve some of their power over us.  This in turn helps us to move forward in spite of these feelings that may have been holding us back.

    Here is how to do it:

    1. Find a quiet time and sit down with your computer or pen and paper.
    2. Write a list.  You don't have to stop at 10, but aim for 10.  This will force you to dig a little deeper than you might have.
    3. Once you've written your list, read it and reread it to yourself.  This helps to desensitize you a bit.  Everything on the list stops feeling so horrible when you familiarize yourself with this shadow side of self.  Expand upon it, clear it up, get in touch with the feelings underneath the words.  Spend a little time with it.
    4. If you're comfortable, share.  FInd a friend to exhange lists with and get together for a discussion, or choose an item or two and share with your partner, or share with us at the yoga studio.  We are happy to witenss you in this process, especially those of us that wrote our own lists and shared them publicly.

    That is it.  It's simple, but oh so powerful as an exercise.  It will start to change how you feel about how you act and who you are.  Give it a try!

    For inspiration here are the lists written by the OWY teachers who participated in this project:

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