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  • Vulnerable Share: 10 Things About Me by Shannon

    This month at OWY we are focusing on the theme Vulnerability.  Throughout the month several of our teachers will be contributing to this project by offering up a Vulnerable Share:  10 things About Me list.   Writing one of these lists is hard and nerve touching, the thought required takes place at the true edges of our vulnerabilities.  I don't believe in asking people to do hard things without being willing to do them myself, so we're going to start with my list.  Here goes a deep dive into vulnerability.

    Join us in this conversation on the studio chalk board or by sharing on social media #owyintentions #owyvulnerability. 

    Me on the porch of my hut.

    1. I love my kids (more than anything), but I sometimes hate parenting (more than anything) 
    2. I have a temper and my anger often explodes out in the most humiliating ways. For example: I once broke our refrigerator in a tantrum.  Worse than anger, I also (wrongly) believe that anger is bad and this self-judgement has been the justification for the most horrific self-vs-self psychological violence. 
    3. My favorite thing about myself is that I have a gift for seeing the bird’s-eye-view in almost every situation that does not personally involve me.
    4. Least favorite thing:  My gift for seeing the bird’s-eye-view does not seem to show up in situations that personally involve me.  I kind of feel like I got ripped-off. 
    5. I’ve always struggled with commitment.  My relationship with Brian is the first relationship I’ve had where I experience the feeling of a voluntary deep commitment.  Open Way Yoga is the first work I’ve done where I’ve stayed more than 2 years.
    6. Because I appeared on the show Naked & Afraid (my episode) men sometimes send me pictures of their naked parts...  As if being a survivalist who took on a survival challenge naked is an invitation.  It’s the shocking virtual equivalent of being flashed and it creates a whole host of uncomfortable feelings.  (My biggest fear in revealing this is that some people will say "she asked for it."  I'm sharing anyway because as we move into a post #metoo era I believe-hope-pray the "she asked for it" attitude is going to go the way of legal wife beating.)
    7. I self-medicate.  In a variety of chemical and non-chemical ways.  I justify it by saying this is a hard world to live in, but I know the dynamics relate to avoidance and I do it anyway.
    8. Sometimes I worry that my life experiences make me weird and un-relatable. For example:  For a year and a half I lived in a hut built around a hole in the ground in the New Jersey Pine Barrens.  I drank water from a spring and sometimes in the winter I had to break a layer of ice on the stream so that I could bathe. (Picture of hut above and of ice below.)  Another example:  I majored in English with a concentration in The Creative Writing of Poetry.  I write poetry as a way of seeing, interpreting and interacting with the world.  (Poem I shared on Instagram @vitalwild pictured below.)  Weird?... Maybe a little.  Un-relatable?... I hope not.
    9. I’ve been uncomfortable at the studio more than once when I’ve been caught listening to my personal playlists.  I listen to all kinds of stuff, but in the past few years I transitioned from being strongly anti hip-hop into an avid fan of hip-hop and I’m not talking pop hip-hop here (though I like that too), I’m talking about the type that inspired the parent advisory labels in the record industry.  I worry if people hear my music they will be shocked and judge me, I assume they are expecting to hear peace and love yoga lyrics instead of "XXX" by K. Lamar. 
    10. I have IBS with varied triggers - some physical, some psychological.  I spend way more time in the bathroom than I’d like to. I often feel like I’m failing at health because none of the many of approaches I’ve tried have eliminated it.  Please don’t send me ideas - It will only re-enforce my feelings of failure.

    -Shannon Leigh

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    IG poem @vitalwild

    Here I am skating on a layer of ice that will be broken later the same day for bathing.  

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