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  • Guest Post: Patricia Hecker on Offering

    A few words from OWY teacher Patricia Hecker in answer to our theme question of the month "What are you Offering?"  Patricia completed OWY's teacher training last spring and teaches Gentle Yoga, Thursdays, 6:00PM in Sandusky.

    Patricia Hecker on What Are You Offering?

    I’ll admit I had great difficulty with this topic. I would start to write only to delete it and push sitting down to write until later. I finally had to ask myself why is this difficult and what I discovered is writing about what I felt I had to offer felt boastful and self-absorbed. I considered asking others for advice on what I had to offer, only to realize that what I had given them may not always be what I’m giving out across the board. Then, I was gifted a mug completely out of the blue, and on this mug was a quote by Edwin Elliot, “By being yourself, you put something wonderful in the world that was not there before”.

    That is what I offer. I offer myself, as I am, regardless of the opinion of others. First and foremost, I extend a warm welcoming with a persistent smile. I offer happiness by spreading the things that bring me joy to others; I offer my humility - when I’ve made a mistake, or several, I am able to find the humor in less than ideal situations. I hope that this encourages others to also not be so harsh towards their own missteps and look upon themselves with a gentle kindness.  I offer growth in knowledge and introspect. There have been times in yoga when a pose did not feel right, I would try small adjustments, and ask questions. Then I share the struggle, the experience, and the discovery in my own classes emphasizing the important and enjoyment that can be find in slowing down and observing. In each class I offer student’s the embrace of their own individualities and experiences throughout the practice. We do not need to wrap ourselves up into pretty packages tied in perfect bows because it is the quirks and uniqueness of a bow’s loops and knots that truly make it wonderful.

    by Patrica Hecker