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  • Introduction to Ethical Fashion - What and Why

    “Ethical fashion is about more than just clothing, it is casting a vote for the type of future you want for the world and the people who live on it.”Synergy Organic Clothing 

    Single acts have the power to change the rhythm of the universe. Yoga practice begins with breath awareness because just one breath impacts the mind, body and spirit. Similarly, the simple act of choosing what to wear each day has the power to move the world.
    Over this festive season of giving, Open Way Yoga will contemplate Eco-Fashion and why what you wear matters, offering information about how your clothing choices affect the body, all living beings and our planet.
    1. Health: Non-organic, mass-produced clothing is treated with toxic dyes and chemicals that are hazardous to health, compromising wellness and contributing to medical disorders.
    2. Humanity: There is no pleasant way to say that high demand for fast fashion—cheap clothing that’s hot for a season—leads to poor working conditions and slavery for those who work in clothing retail and production, both locally and throughout the world.
    3. Environment: It is a little known fact the mass manufacture of clothing has a significant impact on Earth and all living beings.  It takes high levels of energy, creates massive amounts of pollution, and uses an unsustainable amount of resources, all of to make which eventually end up decomposing in a landfill.
    Small steps toward more conscientious fashion choices can make a difference and Open Way Yoga is a good place to start.  We offer products that are manufactured with the future in-mind, including Synergy Organic Clothing, Green Apple and Manduka gear.  We also offer a very affordable, upcycled Open Way Yoga print clothing line.
    We invite comments, questions and conversations as we delve into Eco-Fashion over the next several weeks.  We’re here to inspire your next choice in yoga pants.

    by Elisabeth Sowecke

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