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  • Featured Pose: Anahatasana with Prayer Hands

    This month as we focus on gratitude at OWY we are featuring a pose that represents the attitude of gratitude in a very deep way - Anahatasana with Prayer-Hands.  These lovely autumn shots of Mallory in the woods show her working into progressively deeper variations of Anahatasana.  

    1.  Basic Variation - Forehead to the mat

    2.  Chin and Chest to the mat to deepen the heart-opening effect.3.  Press into the fingers and lift the hands to deepen the shoulder stretch.4.  Hands in prayer behind the heart center.5.  Deepen the shoulder stretch with a boster.6.  Further deepen the shoulder stretch with blocks.

    Thank you Mallory Saunders for this lovely photo exploration of Anahata and its variations.