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  • Guest Post: Valerie Parker on Gratitude

    OWY teacher Valerie Parker doing a little musing on gratitude as we comtemplate gratitude throughout the month of November.Yoga the “yoke” or the union of the mind, body, and spirit has given me the light in the darkness to see life for what it is to be human, and the ability to be grateful for every moment, the sweet and the sorrow.  Using the eight limbs of yoga to advance my practice, in particular asana and pranayama, I have discovered stillness.  The moment in time between the external and the internal world.  A space in time that allows me to surf and ride the crest of the wave of daily life.   To practice the momentary pause, to wait for an intuitive sense, and ride my impulse and emotions.  After all this is the motion of life in every situation.  A moment in time to view.  The fleeting second to catch an experience in my life journey.

    I am so grateful for my daily practice that gives the gift of time to connect with my true nature, the space and moments to build inner confidence and move forward without judgement of self or others.  And to celebrate the moments of sun rises, sun sets, chirping birds, the scent of autumn and family chaos, daily worries and even fake news.  I am grateful to practice the union and feel the bliss of stillness.