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  • OWY October Intention: What Scares You?

    In the month where the slow dying back to winter begins, the month of witches and wizards, we at OWY have decided to take a look at What Scares Us.  Our fears only hold power over us when we keep them locked away, so let's bring them up out of the dark and into the light of our awareness.  Over the years my fears have gotten fewer and fewer and the only thing that changed in me is a complete willingness to look closer, look deeper.  Give it a try. 

    Following is a piece on fear written by Mallory Saunders.  Please join the conversation and share some of your own scary thoughts by responding to this post, contributing to our chalkboards (in either studio), or tag us on social media (#owymonthlyintention and #owywhatscaresyou).  
    - Shannon

    What Scares You?                          by Mallory Saunders

    My Darkness 
    The heavy emotions, memories and experiences that have been repressed, stagnant and festering within.
    The beaten down paths of the dark forest of my mind.
    The reoccurring negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that my racing anxiety and crippling depression drag me through. 

    My truth
    My authenticity
    Opening my heart and being vulnerable
    Taking risks
    Trying something new
    Doing things differently
    Laying down my armor and letting myself be seen 

    My voice, because it is loud and powerful, capable of creation and destruction and doesn’t resonate with everyone
    Seeing myself clearly
    True perspective, un-skewed and undistorted
    The good, the bad and the ugly 

    Judgment from others… but mostly from myself
    Accepting honoring and sharing my life and experiences with others
    Communicating my needs because it makes me feel weak and undeserving
    Making mistakes while expecting perfection
    True intimate connection because of…
    Having my heart broken
    Rejection, neglect, isolation, loss, emptiness
    Pain and Suffering 

    My light 
    Because deep within me I know the truth of my divinity
    I know who I am and what I am capable of
    I know the highest expression of my energetic vibration
    I know the ripple effect of my every choice and decision
    I know the waves of change I can generate through the direction of my intention.
    I know the infinite creative power that lies inside and the thought of unleashing that for the world to see.
    That’s what scares me. 

    Mallory lights up the darkness with more than her LED whip!