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  • Introducing Julie Campbell and Faith-Based Yoga

    Introducing one of OWY's several new additions...  Julie Campbell is a graduate of OWY's 2016/2017 yoga immersion and teacher training.  When Juie started training with us she had no intention of teaching, she just wanted more and more yoga.  Our immersion was a way for her to go deeper with both philosophy and practice.  A true student of yoga, Julie has a solid, long-term, foundational practice that inspires the kind quality teaching we look for in OWY teachers.  Julie attends The Chapel in Sandusky and is looking forward to merging her open-minded Christian faith with her love of yoga in this class.  This non-denomiational Chiristian Faith-Based Yoga class starts Sunday September 9.  Read the class description and Julie's Bio here!

    Julie Campbell, RYT-200

    For me yoga was LOVE at first class. While living in NYC, following my fashion designer dreams, I stumbled on a yoga school in the Village. They had a beginner series so I thought I would check it out. The whole experience was wonderful and I felt amazing after class. I wanted to do yoga every day and did as much as my paycheck would allow. After returning to Ohio, I searched to find yoga here. I got some videos and found some classes, but they just didn’t have the same effect……Until I found Open Way Yoga, where I found “real yoga” as well as a community of yogis that are open and welcoming. (A little different than NYC!) For four years I have had a regular studio practice and I completed OWY's Teacher Training in 2017. As a teacher I want to share my love of yoga and inspire students to find some space and peace in their bodies as well as their minds.

    Faith-Based Yoga:   Sundays 5:00-6:15 PM
    We are beings of Mind, Body, & Spirit. This class will relax your Mind, stretch your Body and help you connect with the Holy Spirit that is within  you. Class is based on non-denomiational Christian teachings and will consist of basic flow, restorative holds and end with mediation and silent prayers. All levels of practioner and all levels of interest in Christian faith (including non-believers) are welcome. No yoga experience needed.