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  • New Classes on the Winter Schedule

    Yoga Basics with Valerie, 4:30-5:45pm Tuesdays

    Valerie finished our teacher training in February of 2016.  If you come to class, you've seen Valerie, she spends a lot of time practicing at the studio.  She has a very thorough and thoughtful practice which comes through in her teaching.  We’ve had requests from school teachers for a class at this time, so spread the word.


    Fixed Flow with Brian and Mallory, 6-7:15pm Thursdays Mallory and Brian will pair up to teach a class that will begin with the same consistent vinyasa flow every week.  The second half of the class will vary according to each teacher’s flavor but will draw from a loose set of predetermined poses.  We're big fans of this type of structured repetition.  Practicing this way allows the body to sink quickly and deeply into the poses and it offers a way to track our progress as we do the same poses week after week.  It also supports a more meditative atmosphere and gives more freedom for the teacher to pay attention to students.


    Yoga Flow with Brian, 9-10:15am Wednesdays

    This is our general All Levels class.  Options will be given for both advanced and beginning students.


    Open Practice with Shannon and/or Brian, 10:30-12pm

    This was formerly named Study Hall which created some confusion about what we do during this time.  Not so onerous as high school study hall, this is really an open practice time, so we've renamed it:  Open Practice.  Come practice yoga in your own individual way.  What do you want or need to work on?  Do it here.  Be inspired by others, ask questions, seek guidance.  Sometimes a small group ends up taking turns working on a pose such as forearm balance, giving each other support and encouragement.  You may need to get out of your house and away from distractions to work on your practice or use the time to ask for more depth about poses or ideas that we can't cover in general classes.  Meditation, pranayama, philosophy?  Sure, it can all happen here.


    Community Class, 12-1pm Sundays

    The teachers for this class will come from the current pool in our teacher training program.  The class is free and generally has a somewhat informal vibe, so it can be a good place to bring someone who is newly interested in yoga. 


    The rest of the classes you know and love from the fall schedule are unchanged.  See you at the studio!

    -Brian and Shannon