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  • Welcome to The Fall Schedule!

    I'm very excited about the studio class schedule and the number of interesting workshops lined up between now and the first of the year.  Most of the changes to the schedule are shiftings of teachers to different time slots.  Follow your teacher if you can, and also check out the new teacher in your favorite slot.  There's something to be learned from every teacher on the schedule!

    New This Fall

    Sunday Meditation 6-7pm:  These will be lead by our visiting yogi, Jen Divis.  She will lead the sessions in the style of Dharma Yoga, the institution where she is finishing her 500 hour RYT program.

    Sunrise Yoga, Wednesdays 7-8:15am:  This class isn't brand new.  Mary taught this time slot for the summer and has graciously agreed to continue on through the fall.  We're thrilled to have her teaching this All Levels class.

    Shifting Personel

    The weekday 9:00 am slot is where the shifts occurr.  

    Mallory will be teaching Body Sculpt on Tuesday mornings and Shannon will teach Body Sculpt in the Thursday 9:00am slot. This duo presents a lovely twice a week practice opportunity for those of you interested in this style.  One of things they both have in common is that the classes are both Good Solid Yoga, as I like to say. None of their yoga expertise is lost with the Sculpt emphasis.

    Jen Divis will be bringing us Dharma III Flow all the way from NYC!  Wednesday morings at 9am.

    Sherrena will be teaching the Friday 9:00am Yoga Flow class.  This will be a general All Levels class, infused with Sherrena's welcoming warmth and well planned flows.

    My 9:00 am Monday class, Yoga Basics will stay as is.  I'm really enjoying teaching this class, slowing WAY down.  Many of our more seasoned practitioners have been attending.  They tell me that they get a lot out of it, tweaking their alignment in some basic poses.

    Shannon and I are in our Saturday and Sunday 9:00am spots as usual.  It's a nice week of classes at that 9:00 am slot.

    All the times and teachers in the evenings are the same.  Jen Divis will teach a Dharma III Flow class Thursdays at 6:00pm.  I'll write more about Jen and what she'll be teaching in a later post.

    Stay tuned for info on our great selection of fall workshops!

    Yoga Immersion and Teacher Training:  
    This year's group is shaping up and we still have a limited number of slots open for this fall's training.  If you've been considering it, it's time to commit!