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  • Class Notes #3

    1. Yin Yoga

    This Saturday from 10:30 to noon Shannon is teaching a special Yin Yoga workshop.  Like a regular class, but just this one time.  Those of you who have been coming to my classes have been getting a tiny taste of Yin Yoga.  The simplest description is that you hold poses in as relaxed a way as possible for a looooong time, like 3 to 5 minutes.  You get a deep stretch that's just not possible with the shorter times we normally hold poses.  I went to my first Yin class over 10 years ago and it permanently changed the way I practice.  If you like yoga and have been curious about meditation, Yin yoga is the perfect combo of the two.  I put a check in both columns when I practice Yin, meditation and asana.  I often break the rules when I practice Yin (shocking, I know) and altenate between the passive Yin style and the more active/engaged Yang style that we typically practice.  Yin has been a fundamental part of Shannon's yoga for a long time as well.  I practiced with her and some of her friends once.  They spent a good deal of the time socializing!  Yin can be nice like that.  Even though it can feel very "serious" when in a class, it lends itself to a very informal atmosphere, which Shannon is good at setting up.

    And don't be mislead.  Yin yoga is NOT Gentle Yoga or in any other way "easy".  It can be very challenging and thus, very rewarding.  Think pigeon for 5 minutes.  You start to get bored around minute two, then by minute three you can hardly endure the sensation!  It's fun.  Give it a try.  I'm sure Shannon will also set up a nice play list.

    2.  Alternate Nostril Breathing

    This exercise forms the foundation of a good yoga breathing practice.  I've been doing three rounds at the end of every class and will continue to do this for a while.  It's super good for us and if we want to get the full benefits from this ancient practice of yoga (and why wouldn't we?!) then incorporating the breathing exercises is important.  Here is a nice web-link describing alternate nostril breathing if you're interested in more information.

    3. Speaking of meditation, I'll be teaching a meditation class tomorrow night (Wednesday Feb 18th) at Elite Wellness Group at 6:30 PM.  The meditation I teach is a mix of practices, that I would claim are fun:  standing, sitting, moving, maybe chanting, maybe alternated nostril breathing....This class happens once a month on the 3rd Wednesday.